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 Waypoint Community Guidelines
By using our computers you are choosing to adhere to our Guidelines.

- Please be advised that Waypoint Café Staff reserve the right to check your PC at ANYTIME during use. Tampering with the computers or the GGLeap Overlay will result in a PERMANENT BAN. No refunds will be issued for offenders.

- Sexually explicit content is FORBIDDEN and will result in your account’s termination along with a permanent ban. No refunds will be issued for offenders for this offense.

- Absolutely NO downloading games that are not on the PCs. If you would like to have a game added or would like to recommend one, please refer to us at the front desk. We want to make sure we get it installed in the right directories.

- Help us keep Waypoint clean and please remove your garbage when you leave. We thank you and the community thanks you!

- Please be respectful to each other as well as our equipment. It’s okay to rage, but settle it in the game (ya scrub)! Also you will be charged for broken peripherals.