Here at Waypoint, we pride ourselves on being a hub for many great communities in NYC. These are some of the groups that host regular events at our location.


switch & play nyc

Switch & Play NYC is a community of Nintendo fans who gather together in New York City to play Nintendo Switch games together, as well as socialize. We meet up every Friday at Rockefeller Plaza, with one Friday a month (usually the third Friday), where we meet up at Waypoint Cafe for our monthly Retrofest event. We also have one major event on a weekend every month. The group is ran by four people: Peter J. Ortiz, Sylverstone Khandr, Geoffrey Kappenberg, and Michael Vavara. We work together as a team to provide fun and exciting events for the community. We have been frequenting Waypoint Cafe since October 2017, and we enjoy the space provided by the amazing staff!

Switch & Play NYC has been holding Switch Meetups and Events since March 24th, 2017, with over 2000+ likes on Facebook, and over 3000+ followers on Twitter! If you own a Nintendo Switch, and live in the New York City area, you are welcome to join us. Even if you don't own a Nintendo Switch, you are still welcome to join and hang out with us!

5 deadly venoms

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Monster Hunter NYC

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